Welcome to my website and thanks for checking it out. If you love dogs, reading books, skiing, or just about anything that makes you laugh, then we have much in common.

Life never seems to be dull around here at Canyon View Ranch with our four Tibetan terriers, three toucans, a parrot, three horses, four alpacas, and about 80 dog guests at any given time.

And if that isn’t enough to write about, there’s always my husband, Joe Timko, who keeps me sane and makes me crazy all at the same time.







If I run out of stories about the Ranch (which isn’t likely after 14 years and tens of thousands of dog guests), or stories about Joe (which isn’t likely after 30 years together), then there’s always our life at our second home in beautiful Lake Tahoe to share with you.


So click around and enjoy, and welcome to my world. I think you’ll love all the people and animals that are in it as much as I do.

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