Book Review: Liberty Press

Book Review
Liberty Press

January 2008 Issue
William N. Proctor-Artz

Wow!  If you read only two books a year, read Edward Field’s book, [reviewed earlier in article], and then Randall Neece’s, Gone Today, Here Tomorrow (Authorhouse, $15.95).   This is a gut-wrenching and poignant memoir of Randy Neece, that more than rivals the excellent works of Paul Monette.  Neece, above all, is a great writer, and quite forthright about his battle with the news that he was HIV-positive, and then his fight with AIDS, and how the love of his life, Joe, became his savior, and how Randy became Joe’s savior.  One of the best lines in the whole book: “We learn and grow not from what we can do, but from what we think we cannot do.”  This is well worth a read, but I must warn you, the first half is really emotionally tough to get through, but the reward will truly be life changing.  If not life changing, it will definitely give one pause to truly appreciate the importance of living in the present, this very instant, and NOT pining over the past, or fearing the future, and also, the power of love.