Canyon View Ranch

Dogs give us so much love and joy, and we believe they deserve their own spectacular vacation now and then. Welcome to Canyon View Ranch. Where every dog has his day – every day.

Canyon View Ranch is a five acre wonderland of wagging tails; a place where dogs frolic together all day on manicured lawns, romping over ramps, playing hide-and-seek through tunnels and tubes, running behind a waterfall, and wading in their own luxurious bone-shaped swimming pool. And all the ball-chasing they can dream of. As Time Magazine said, “Forget the dog – I want to stay!”

Part resort – part theme park, Canyon View Ranch became an over-night success and garnered instant media attention with articles featured in Time Magazine, Dog Fancy, the Philadelphia Enquirer, the Boston Globe, Vogue, and dozens of others.

Camera crews are often seen around the ranch covering stories for Access Hollywood, Animal Planet, National Geographic Explorer, MTV, VH-1,two specials on HGTV, and most recently, a one-hour special about Canyon View Ranch and its owners, Randy and Joe, produced by BBC. The Ranch also has quite a following across the pond in dog-loving England.

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But Canyon View Ranch is more than just a fantasy land of flying Frisbees, it’s also known as the top training facility in Los Angeles. Joe Timko has worked with thousands of dogs of every shape, size, breed and temperament – along with their owners, also of every shape, size, breed and temperament. His focus is as much on training the owner, as the dog – and it’s usually the dog that gets it first.

Randy Neece specializes in the psychology between dogs and their human companions, and together, he and Joe make a perfect pair – in business and in life. They’ve been together for 30 years and live at the Ranch with their four Tibetan terriers, three toucans, a parrot, three horses, four alpacas, and about 80 dog guests at any given time.

Randy’s background in television for thirty years as a producer and director helped formulate many of the design concepts that went into creating the theme park-like features. Joe refers to the Ranch as “Randy’s five acre stage.”

Joe has designed all of the landscaping on the five acre ranch including hundreds of trees, lush gardens and topiaries. Randy and Joe model the operation of the “resort” around the concept of Disney Parks, with a tree-lined entrance leading to manicured lawns, beautiful gardens, koi ponds and waterfalls.


Joe and I came up with the concept for the Ranch when we were at Disneyland one day. We thought dogs should have a Magic Kingdom of their own. In 1998, we sold our home in Laurel Canyon, packed up our belongings and our five dogs, and set out looking for our dream. We found it in the countryside of Topanga Canyon, located in the hills above Malibu.

Soon the phone was ringing off the hook – it seemed that everyone wanted the same thing for their dog; a place where they wouldn’t feel guilty about boarding them while they were out of town. Canyon View Ranch is all about giving our dog guests a well-deserved vacation.

We love that they’re all having such a great time here – but to tell you the truth, we don’t know who’s getting more joy out of this – the dogs or us!