Gone Today, Here Tomorrow: A Memoir

A Memoir

By Randall Neece

Randall Neece had it all – a successful career in television, a perfect marriage to his husband, Joe, and a future that was all mapped out.  That map was suddenly run through a shredder when Randy was diagnosed with AIDS at a time when there was no hope for survival.

Yet, something remarkable happened.  Guided by Joe’s love and commitment, and by tackling obstacles and facing his own fears, Randy realized that he had found a place he’d forgotten existed.  He found a place called tomorrow.

Written with humor and unflinching honesty, Randy’s story unveils the triumph of the human spirit and reflects the true meaning of love, companionship, and marriage.

Gone Today, Here Tomorrow is an inspirational love story for our times.


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Reviews from the press …

“This is a gut-wrenching and poignant memoir that more than rivals the excellent works of Paul Monette.  Neece, above all is a great writer, and quite forthright in his battle . . . The rewards will truly be life-changing.”


“An emotional yet realistic journey from despair to new hope, excellently written by a talented author.  Much recommended.  Five stars out of five.”


“Some stories have significance far beyond the pages on which they are written. Gone Today, Here Tomorrow, a memoir is one of those.  It brilliantly showcases the resilience of the human spirit, and is a beating the odds story everyone can appreciate.”

Gloria Sinibaldi, Tahoe Daily Tribune


“Neece tells his moving story in Gone Today, Here Tomorrow, his candid and surprisingly humorous memoir that traces his life from his first awkward liaisons with the boy next door through his long battle to live with AIDS.”


“Neece can write. The recovery theme is a central one for people – including gay people – moving through difficult periods in life, and it’s a work that offers a lot of hope.”


“. . . his decision – made together with his partner – to reshape his whole life should inspire even the most hardened pessimist.”


“The unflinching emotion and genuine pain are honest and moving. And the remarkable ending provides perspective, hope, happiness and even pride.”


“Neece, in the poet’s words, does not go gentle into that good night.’ Not only does he ‘rage against the dying of the light,’ he kicks, screams, cries, pounds his fists, and at times outright bitches and moans.  Through all this, Neece writes with remarkable courage, unflinchingly exposing his own shortcomings in the process.”


“Despite the dark subject matter in the latter half of the book, Neece still includes humor.  A chapter detailing his emotions about what he believed was his inevitable death while describing his anger over the fundamentalist Christian reaction to AIDS is called, ‘Dear Pat Robertson: My end is near. Kiss it!’”


“If ever there was a justified happy ending to a book, this is the one.  Randy’s story is an inspiration to all of us afflicted with a medical condition that attacks our souls as well as our bodies.”


“His story is beautifully told, with such captivating wit and wisdom.  His is a real triumph of the human spirit and will.”


Letters from Readers …

“Randy leaves nothing out, anger, helplessness, guilt, humor (lots of humor), and ultimately surrender.  This book is a blueprint for humanness and grace.  It is a book for anyone who has been or is ill, or has loved one who is ill.  It is also for anyone whose soul has suffered fear or discouragement in the darkness of night.  In other words, it is for all of us.  You will cheer at the end.”


“Here I am, a straight guy, happily married to my wife for 25 years with a wonderful 20 year old son.  Why would I love reading this book?  Because it is a well written, wryly funny, poignant love story with a very happy ending.  This book is a must read for anyone who provides health care to the HIV positive community or who has in any way been affected by AIDS epidemic.”


I would recommend it to anyone who needs some inspiration and guidance in what it means to be in a supportive relationship and to share unconditional love.


“I was quite moved and honestly am not sure how one man could endure so much.  I loved your book and cannot thank you enough for sharing a very deep personal moment with me.”


“Laugh, cry, and rage with this writer…I dare you to resist turning another page once you have started reading this book. What a gift to be able to write about one’s personal tragedy with wit and sarcasm…an amazing inspiring memoir.”


“On this trip I took your book, Gone Today, Here Tomorrow, for reading on the plane.  I found myself totally engrossed in the book and unable, as well as unwilling, to put it down.  I was so taken by your insight and your honesty in the book.  I cried and sobbed at times.”


“Your book touched me deeply and as I read it rejoiced with you in the good times and cried with you in the dark times.  It is a truly wonderful story about the deep seated love that you and Joe have for each other.  Your story is very inspiring and shows that if you believe strongly enough and have the support of family and friends, that you can overcome extreme obstacles.”


“I just finished reading your book, Gone Today, Here Tomorrow.”  I am truly inspired by the two of you.  I just wanted you to know you have touched my heart.”


“Just wanted you to know I finished your book for the second time and how truly marvelous it was!  When I first read it, I read it in one sitting.  Powerful.  What a credit you are to our community.”


“I was so touched by your book, and yes, I think I cried from the toast at your wedding till the ending toast celebrating the incredible journey you and Joe have gone through.”


“There aren’t too many books that have affected me as much as yours.  Thank you for sharing the first part of your life with those of us who know little of what AIDS really is all about.  Your humorous writing style made a difficult subject very heart warming and personal.  I was sorry to come to the end of the book.”


“I’ve watched Randy live this incredible story for the last 20 years, and reading his remarkable retelling not only brought back every tear of hopeless despair, but more importantly, I got to relive his joyous, life-affirming, ultimate victory.”