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Gone Today, Here Tomorrow (2.0)

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  • MALIBU TIMES: Love, marriage and AIDS

    Topanga resident Randy Neece tells of living with AIDS and surviving through marriage in his re-released memoir “Gone Today, Here Tomorrow.”

    Sixty-year-old Topanga resident Randy Neece has lived with the reality of AIDS for nearly half his life. Diagnosed with HIV in 1988, he was in the throes of full-blown AIDS and fighting for his life by 1993.

    But when he describes his memoir cataloguing that time, “Gone Today, Here Tomorrow,” recently annotated and re released by AuthorHouse, he characterizes it not as an AIDS story, but a love story.
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  • Tahoe Daily Tribune: Neece ‘comes out’ with compelling story of love and life

    November 15, 2012
    By Gloria Sinibaldi

    Some stories have significance far beyond the pages on which they are written. “Gone Today, Here Tomorrow”, a memoir written by Lake Tahoe resident Randall Neece, is one of those.

    Not only is it rich with compelling content, it is delivered masterfully in a riveting narrative that cuts to the core with honesty as its key ingredient. Neece does not gloss over the events of his life but instead focuses on telling his story in a way that opens hearts and minds. He discusses family, friends, self-discovery and coming of age, but he also introduces topics rarely spoken of with such candor. He shares with us his “coming out” experience within the parameters of a religious family, his long, loving and committed marriage to husband Joe Timko, a union that saved him during his darkest days and facing death and dying.
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  • Liberty Press Review

    January 2008 Issue
    William N. Proctor-Artz

    Wow!  If you read only two books a year, read Edward Field’s book, [reviewed earlier in article], and then Randall Neece’s, Gone Today, Here Tomorrow (Authorhouse, $15.95).   This is a gut-wrenching and poignant memoir of Randy Neece, that more than rivals the excellent works of Paul Monette.
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  • Amazon Review:
    Realistic, emotional journey through love from despair to a new hope, July 25, 2007

    By Bob Lind “camelwest” (Phoenix, AZ United States)
    In autobiographical style, the author starts with his childhood, growing up in a conservative Quaker family in a small Southern Californiatown. He knew he was “different” than most of his peers early on, although he really didn’t have a word for it (homosexual) until his early teens.
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  • MALIBU TIMES: Living with AIDS

    Friday, November 09, 2007
    AIDS nearly killed Topanga Canyon resident Randy Neece 11 years ago. He writes about his struggle with the disease and his road to relative healthiness in his book, “Gone Today, Here Tomorrow.”

    By Jonathan Friedman / Assistant Editor

    Randy Neece is living the good life. The Topanga Canyon resident runs Canyon View Ranch-a five-acre vacation place for dogs that is more a luxury resort than a kennel-with his partner of nearly 25 years, Joe Timko. He spends his days taking care of and playing with dogs while running the financial end of the successful business. And his health is excellent. One would never know that he has full-blown AIDS.
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  • EDGE Review: Gone Today, Here Tomorrow

    by Ellen Wernecke
    EDGE New York City Contributor
    Saturday Aug 4, 2007

    Randall Neece never considered himself to be at risk for HIV–after all, at the time of his diagnosis in 1988, he had been monogamous for five years and was planning a wedding with his partner Joe.
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  • Sorrowful Story Earns Its Happy Ending

    Hal Campbell 10 Jul 2007
    by Randall Neece
    Alyson Books
    Remember how flooded the book market was in the mid- 90s with AIDS memoirs? One gay widower after another shared his grief with the reading public over the loss of his partner in the late-80s and early-90s. We learned of the early I-don’t-feel-well period, the first trip to the doctor’s office, the reaction to what was accepted as a death sentence diagnosis, the various mood swings of the patient before a final resignation of the inevitable, and the survivor’s coping with his loss. Most were extremely well-written (surprising since so many were first-time publishing efforts), heart-breaking, and great testaments to the adherence to the “in sickness and in health” phrase to the very end.
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    Review by Christopher Cappiello

    For many years, a memoir involving HIV/AIDS was, by definition, a story of inevitable loss. When game-show director/producer Randy Neece was diagnosed with HIV in 1988, he assumed that’s how his story would go.
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  • Handling second chances is subject of book

    By: E’LOUISE ONDASH – For the North County Times

    Randall Neece celebrated his 55th birthday last month and swore he’d never complain about getting older again.
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  • Gone Today, Here Tomorrow: A Memoir by Topangan Randy Neece

    by Lee Michaelson

    Thursday, August 16, will mark the release of a new book that by all odds should never have been written. A book authored by a mensch of a man whom, had fate run what seemed to be its course, none of us here in Topanga should ever have gotten to know.
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