Welcome to Canyon View Ranch as seen on T.V. The Ranch has been featured on many television shows including Access Hollywood, Animal Planet, MTV and VH-1, National Geographic Explorer, HGTV, E Entertainment, and others. This video combines clips from some of these shows.

Part One:
Part Two:

This is the one-hour special filmed at Canyon View Ranch with the owners, Randy Neece and Joe Timko. BBC produced a six-part series where two young Brits in each episode are sent to a foreign country to learn how to deal with their own dog problems at home in the U.K. In this episode, Ronnie and Holly come to the ranch to work for the week and learn how to deal with their problems at home – both with their dogs and their families. Randy and Joe also give them a behind-the-scenes look at how dogs perform on television and film, in preparation for filming their own commercial. In the end, Ronnie and Holly go home better dog owners and better people.

Where did Glee get its start? Back in 1962, The Young Americans appeared on a Bing Crosby special and it was the first time a choral group added choreography to their singing. The show choir movement was born. In 1968, I auditioned for this group and spent the next 4 years traveling the world and appearing on television shows. This is the opening number for our ABC special, which aired in March of 1970.

And now, for the next number…

Our parrot, Don Diego, will sing Old MacDonald had a Farm.

This is not dubbed. I just put the camera on a tripod and let him sing.

Near the end, I left the room and I think he was a little insulted.

A new member of Canyon View Ranch was born the other night. Meet C.J. who was born around 11pm on Tuesday, May 29, 2012. This is the first time she stands on her own two feet. Then, 24 hours later, what an amazing thing to behold as she runs/hops around the stall! Mama Lilly is from quite an impressive family as well. She’s the grand daughter of Seattle Slew. C.J. and Lilly are owned by proud parents, Tyler and Sasha Wilson. Welcome to the world, C.J.

Our friend in Lake Tahoe, Martin Hollay, turned 90 three years ago. He escaped from Hungary with his wife and daughter during the revolution and moved to Lake Tahoe in 1956. He made most of the runs on the Nevada side of Heavenly Mountain. Martin invited me to go skiing with him one morning, and I brought my camera along. I put this video together of our morning skiing together. It was shown as the finale to his birthday party with 300 guests for dinner. Martin is an inspiration to us all to live life to the fullest, stay active, and never give in to old age.

At the age of 88, Dad died on May 30, 2010. He lived a long and full life and was a great father. This is a 6-minute video of his life in pictures and home videos.

Tahoe is like a big family in a very small town, so when someone passes away, we come together to celebrate his or her life. I put this video together to show a Ted “Boz” Bozavich’s celebration of life. Every day during ski season, we stop at a special place on the mountain to let Boz know “we’re making turns for him.” We miss you Boz.